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  Year 1999:
Founded in Istanbul. National newspaper and TV Channels monitoring

 Year 2000:
Local channels included to monitoring list. Special Analysis program was written and started to media analyzing.

 Year 2001:
With 35 personnel, MTM started to serve about 200 customers.

 Year 2002:
Included E-Press monitoring to its services.

 Year 2003:
MTM transmitted its services to online media. Also started to  New Commercial Films monitoring on TV. and started to generate Commercial Film Archive.

 Year 2004:
Started to News Agency monitoring. Developed its analysis software and created new analysis packets. 

 Year 2005:
Over 500 regular customers, over 1200 publication and broadcast monitoring, 80 staffs. Media Information Guide started to share e-bulletin with its subscribers weekly.

 Year 2006:
Opened Ankara branch and a representative agency in Germany.

 Year 2007:
Opened Izmir representation. Started to Radio Monitoring. MTM brought customers together via Media Information Guide's first version.

 Year 2008:
Renewed its corporate identity and logo. Brought Press Room service into use for customers. Started to “Online TV Archive” service which provide as television library.   

 Year 2009:
Opened Bursa representation. Started to blog monitoring. Also opened Newsmeter (Online Analysis) service. Carried out  www.medyaloji.net: for communication and media sector as online newspaper.

 Year 2010:
With 130 personnel served regularly about 1.500 customers. Released the second version of Media Information Guide. Became Anadolu Agency formal dealer.

Year 2011:
Opened Konya representation. Included Social Media monitoring and analysis to its services. Moved its main office to Istanbul World Trade Center. Renewed all technology infrastructures in its new office.

Year 2012:
Opened Istanbul Anatolian Side, Konya and Adana representations. Released the first media monitoring mobile application as "Media Monitoring Mobile" in Turkey. Presented Social Media Search Engine into subscribers use.