1999 – Beginning

Was Established in Istanbul. Partner Halef Remzi VAYIS appeared as the Founding General Manager. Has started national newspaper and TV channels monitoring service.

2000 – Local Press Monitoring

Local publications added to monitoring service. Special analysis program was written and media analysis service started.

2001 – 35-member team

35-member team started offering their services to approximately 200 clients.

2002 –E-Press Monitoring

E-press monitoring was added to services.

2003 –Online Search

Online services started.

“New Advertisement Monitoring” started for TV.

“Commercial Film Archive” started.

2004  - News Agencies

New Agencies monitoring started.

Analysis software developed, new analysis packages created.

2005 – 80-member team

More than 500 clients and monitoring of more than 1200 publications with 80-member team.

Media Information Service started to be shared with clients weekly as an e-bulletin.

2006 - New Branch Move

Has established Ankara branch and a representative office in Germany.

2007 – Radio Monitoring

Has established Izmir branch office.

Started media monitoring.

First version of “Media Information Guide” created.

2009 – Newsmeter

Has established Bursa branch office.

 Started blog monitoring.

Offered Newsmeter (Online Analysis) service.

Online newspaper for communication and media sector, www.medyaloji.net established.

2010 – 130-member team

Started offering their services to approximately 1500 clients with a 130-member team.

Second version of Media Information Guide offered to the market.

Has become an official dealer of Anadolu Agency.

2011 – Social Media

Has established Konya branch office.

Social media monitoring and analysis added to the services.

Moved to the new office at World Trade Center.

All technological infrastructure renewed in the new office. 

2012  - FIBEP Membership

MTM has become a member of media intelligence association FIBEP that has more than 130 corporate members from more than 60 countries.

Istanbul Anatolian Side, Konya and Adana branch offices established.

Turkey’s first media monitoring application “Media Monitoring Mobile” offered to the market.

“Social Media Search Engine” service offered to the clients

2013 –Event calendar

Has established the first media monitoring company of Azerbaijan.

Offered “Audio News” service that enables listening to news without considering time and location as a pioneer application in the sector.

Developed a new service called “Event Calendar” and offered to the market and has established Gaziantep branch office.

2014 – MBR Online

Online version of Media Information Guide offered to the clients.

2015 – AMEC Membership

MTM has become the one and only full member of the professional media insights and intelligence organization AMEC  in Turkey.

“Real Signs of the Past We Get – Geçmişten Bize Kalan Gerçek” exhibition opened their doors.

2016 – DigilUP

Started offering social media monitoring and measurment service feature “DigiLUP”.

2017 – R&D Center

Long years lasting research and development operations have got united under the roof of “R&D Center”

“3rd Generation High Performance Web Site” offered to the clients.

Celebrated their 18th anniversary in media monitoring center.


R&D works for “Youtube Video Monitoring” service have started.

2019 – Smart Information System

Added “Smart ınformation Service” for smart news notifications.

Started monitoring most watched Youtube channels in Turkey and offering “Youtube Video Monitoring” service.

Started “Risk Monitoring” service in order to offer an efficient risk managemnet service to the brands.

Offered their enriched data sets to the related institutions and authorities in order to support the technological development of the country.


Started “COVID-19 – Back to Life Agenda” and “Coronavirus Agenda” bulletin services with the Covid-19 agenda. After the announcement of the first coronavirus case in Turkey, started remote/flexible working system in March.

21-year General Manager of the company Halef Remzi VAYIS left their office to other partner and founder Ahmet SOFU by September 1, 2020.