Local Media Monitoring
Local Media Monitoring 2024

Local Media Monitoring

Constantly growing and developing day by day, local media sometimes becomes more effective than national media both in terms of quantity and quality. Being close to local people makes this media more reliable for these people.

Companies which set their communication activities on "spot-on" principle, make significant investments on both national and local media in order to reach their target audience. As is known, in local media includes various news that can effect brand value and published news beyond the control of the brands.

Provided great power with local media...

MTM has been closely following the power and development of local and regional media and providing complete media monitoring service with Local Media Monitoring package for institutions. MTM is one of the leading companies among local media monitoring companies, forming supply network with contributions of Asian Side, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya, Samsun and Europe branches, MTM regularly and quickly access everywhere in Turkey and makes local media easier to monitor and more accurate.