Ad measurement
Ad measurement 2024

Ad measurement

MTM Media Monitoring Center measure all broadcasted/published advertisements on TV channels, magazines and newspapers and then reports for agencies, institutions and press companies. 


All sectors, companies and brands' advertisement reports play important role in advertisement and media planning strategies.

       Which sectors are giving the most advertisements?

       Which brands and companies are giving the most advertisements including all type of medias?

       Which sectors choose which medias?

       Which brand how implements a media plan? 

       Which publishing/broadcasting do institutions/brands choose the most?

       Which medias do competitors give advertisement the most?

       Which TV channels, magazines and newspaper do competitors choose the most?

 You can reach answers of those questions with MTM's advertisement reports.

All advertisements are recorded including structural parameters like sector-sub-sector-company-brand-product and also version name, spot time, broadcast name and time information.

Subscriber can reach total advertisement data including all sectors and brands, also can choose to take only their brand or competitors' report.

TV advertisement reports include;

       Information of advertiser company / brand / product,

       Advertiser company's activity area and sub sector,

       Published/broadcasted date of advertisement,

       Channel, program, typology of advertisement broadcasted,

       Air time, spot numbers and time,

       Advertisement data (version name, period, advertisement type etc.),

       Advertisement is broadcasted on right time or not,

       Competitors advertisement campaigns,

       Advertisement distribution to sectors,

       Distribution of advertisements to brands and companies,

       The most preferred TV channels by advertisers,

       Which sectors/brands give advertisement and which time frame the most preferred,

       Preference analysis according to program typology of advertisers.