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Media Analysis

Media Analysis
Media Analysis 2022

Media is one of the most effective reputation factors on perception and measurement necessity is also high in this field.

"The first step in the your reputation management is measure. You cannot manage what you don't measure" said Ron Alsop and British Telecom CEO Sir Ian Vallace carried it one step further by saying, "If you can not measure, do not do!" these sayings indicate that measurement has a great value and effect. Every work without measurement creates important risks like time, cost and work waste. 

Media monitoring is an essential necessity for institutions to see how they find a place in media. It is very important to measure how they create a perception via media, also forming and developing media strategies are essential points.

MTM prepares media analyses within the frame of a great responsibility. These analyses have important place and impact on institutions' directorial strategies. 

Media analysis reflects to your PR activities...
Revealing how institution and competitors proceed and how they manage the perception via media, media analyses presents significant clues which create sources for media strategies as well.

   How is your brand reflected in media?
   How is your target audience influenced by these reflections?
   What kind of perception your competitors create with media reflections?
   What kind of media does your brand gain attention and in which media your reflection is less?
   How much interest does press show to your institution or your competitors?

Main use areas of media analysis reports;
   Measurement of PR activities' success
   Development of communication strategies
   Measurement of corporate reputation
   Sectoral positioning
   Monitoring of competitors' strategies 
   Monitoring of developments and creating sectoral insights
   Corporate archive documents

Analyzing media requires expertise...
Understanding media and creating accurate analysis reports with associating results are only possible with a expert staff.

MTM Analysis staff' %84 are graduated from Faculty of Communication and trained with special education program within MTM. MTM Analysts have added basic communication knowledge what they learned from university to media reading, understanding and measurement skills.

Measurement requires strong background and technology...
Formerly column-centime and advertising equivalent measurement were used in media analyses, however nowadays it has been completely changed and lots of criteria has been added. Analysis which requires good background, expert staff and unique software, causes more complex production process day by day.

MTM  Analysis reports production is made on special automation which all production process is configured on. MTM's special software which provides to connect directly and associate to media monitoring results, enables language integrity between monitoring results and analysis reports.

Automation which is developed by MTM software team, provides a significant advantage for institutions in order to respond easily to new demands. Also it is an important factor to increase customer satisfaction with producing quick solutions according to their demands.

Analysis packets prepared according to each institutions' demand...
MTM formed its media analyses like pyramid and has created a broad product profile with deepening to content and message analysis from quantitative data according to customer demand.

   Standard media analyses
   Detailed media analyses
   Activity analyses
   Sponsorship added value analyses
   Corporate social responsibility value analyses
   Corporate reputation perception analyses

Standard Media Analyses:
Standard Media Analysis reports present main analysis data of institutions' media reflections. Lots of data including; how brand or competitors find reflections, how much access they provide to target audience with press news, how brand's media reflections are changed according to previous periods, how columnists evaluate their brands etc. are presented in standard media analysis with statistical information.

Media reflections in standard media analysis are analyzed separately in terms of quality and quantity. Analysis which is prepared with lots of components, removes mistakes in reports and focuses on only one criteria, therefore provides accurate evaluation opportunity for institutions.

Standard media analyses present objective data regarding institutions' communication activities how much achieve success in media and reveal uncontrolled news how much effect the brand. Analysis reports which includes easy-reading statistical data, create resources for communication specialist to determine their strategies and make contribution to create new tactics.

Detailed Media Analysis
Detailed analysis evaluates company and/or competitors' media reflections, and at the same time analyzes messages in news. These reports give idea about institutions' reputation. 

Managing companies' corporate communication or PR activities, detailed analysis reports are resources for decision makers who develop strategies in this regard.

Detailed media analyses is a guide for institutions interested in news in terms of quality and quantity. Analyses which are prepared by expert media analysts, in-depth analyze; brand's place in news, brand-name usage field and style in news, used visual aid, news appeared on which page and area, brand how much attract interest in news, news what kind of perception can create on target audience etc. in scope of various criteria.

It is possible to reach below evaluation results in reports;
   A lot of mentions about brand in media does not mean that your brand has a successful media communication. Vital sign of success is answer of proper for brand's target audience and how many reflections gained controllably.

   Finding a place with attractive news or comment in media which reaches directly to target audience, provides more effective results than hundred of news which are improper for target audience. Evaluation should be carried out with not only quantity but also other components.

   Opinion leaders how evaluate the brand is one of the most important sign of brand reputation. Who evaluate the brand, how they evaluate and effects on target audience should be considered as well.

   With considering brand's target audience, its place in media and distribution of these medias have importance. With this regard, how much and what kind of quality reflection provided should be followed closely.

Activity Analysis
With evaluating of event's media reflections organized by institution, the report is formed. Not all news of institution, only activity related news are measured.

Activity analysis report also includes similar activities to be organized. Media reflections are analysed separately in terms of quantity and quality. In addition, these reflections are measured according to their format-publication features.

Activity analysis can be done comparatively with similar activities, also this provides important data to communication experts with period comparative analyses for repetitive activities.

Sponsorship Added Value Analysis
Sponsorship is one of the fastest growing of marketing business in recent years and has an important role in increasing brand recognition. MTM expert analysis staff measures effect of the media reflections on brand value with examining sponsorships in Sponsorship Added Value Analysis.

Besides quantitative data, content analysis are used in these reports. Since institution or activity's (sponsored by brand) media reflections are being negative or positive effects brand's image, quality analysis is given in detail in these reports.

Main sponsorship analyses;
   Name sponsorship analyses
   Sport sponsorship analyses
   Culture-Art sponsorship analyses
   Activity sponsorship analyses

Corporate Social Responsibility Value Analysis
Nowadays, corporate social responsibility projects are becoming one of the main targets in communication activities, therefore measurement of how much added value provided to brand who has emotional connection with target audience is one of the most important necessity of institutions. 

MTM analyze effects on target audience and measures all media reflections of corporate social responsibility projects across Turkey. Corporate Social Responsibility Value Analysis which includes target audience accesses, quantitative data, message analysis, effect values, success of competitor's corporate social responsibility reflections and lots of  information lead institutions corporate social responsibility strategies.

Corporate Social Responsibility Value Analysis also includes corporate social responsibility projects' stability (continuity in communication) in media reflections, how approached by the opinion leaders and lots of information.

Corporate Reputation Perception Analyses
Media is one of the determinant factors of reputation by target audience and is also opportunity field for institutions. MTM leads institutions' communication strategies with analysis reports which measure corporate reputation perception. Corporate reputation perception analyses foresee both opportunities and threats for companies. These reports provide important data regarding situation of competitor reputation perception.

Effects on corporate reputation perception of media reflections are measured in 4 main and 24 sub parameters:
1.    Directorial reputation perception
   HR Quality
   Employment Power
   Work Environment

2.    Financial reputation perception
   Financial Stability
   Steady Growth
   Financial Credibility
   Exchange Attractive Investment 
   Sectoral Leading
   New Market Ability
   Legal Conformity and Transparency
   Contribution to Sectoral Development

3.    Product/Service reputation perception
   Quality / Product Performance
   Like / Satisfaction
   After Sale Services

4.    Social reputation perception
   Support to Environment 
   Support to Education
   Support to Sport
   Support to Health
   Support to Culture / Art
   Closeness / Respect Institution
   Trust in Institution