Media Information Guide
Media Information Guide 2024

Media Information Guide

Everything you would like to know about media is in MEDIA INFORMATION GUIDE...

Media Information Guide (MBR) which is prepared by MTM expert staff, gathers all information regarding media and media members in one place. Providing e-mail and fax delivery modules, MBR brings solution to communicators' one of the biggest problems, also adds value to the sector with various information that increasing influence on media.

What is Media Information Guide?

MBR is the most comprehensive and the most up-to-date media information library in Turkey. MBR which is prepared by MTM expert and experienced staff, presents you all kind of current information regarding newspaper, magazine, TV/Radio programs, new agencies and press staff. 

Containing thousands of information, MBR is guide for media plans of publicity, PR, sponsorship and advertising campaigns.

What information is presented in Media Information Guide?

    Information about publications and contact addresses:
Media, Publish Name, City, Publish Type, Publish Distribution, Contact Address -Telephone, Fax, E-mail, Mailing Address, URL-, Publish Content, Publish Group etc...

    Information about press members and contact addresses: 
Media s/he works, Publish Name, Title, personal contact information, interests, interest details, column name/program name, publishing days etc...

Reporting part of all radio and TV programs in MTM's list. At the same time, user has opportunity to watch one episode each of the most popular TV programs' selected by MTM. In this section, user can reach information including; which programs on which channel, which program contents distribute on which channels, has program got  live broadcast or recorded broadcast, they guests or not, which days programs broadcasted etc.
    Publishing/Broadcasting Introduction/Analyses:
Introduction/analysis part which is specially prepared according to publishing/broadcasting, publish/broadcast groups or various contents. Communicators who want to research about any publishing or interest (for example, sport, child, fashion, economy) can reach publishing/broadcast Introduction/Analysis which present detailed information. This analysis increases user’s media domination.

    Magazine Covers:
Newspapers, magazines and their supplements in MTM's monitoring list are presented collectively. In this part, magazines' periods, distribution or content can be filtered.
    Publishing formats:
Newspapers, magazines and their supplements in MTM's monitoring list are presented as a whole page next to last issues.

All columnists who write on newspaper, magazine and supplements in MTM's monitoring list can be accessed to their last five columns from Columnists part. Reading of favorite columnists' last columns, subscribers can gain strong impression regarding their interests and tendencies.

    Press Bulletin Report: 
Subscriber can record delivery press lists and can add notes to these records, also Excel transfers can be done in Press Bulletin report.

Subscription and updating in Media Information Guide

Media Information Guide is presented via subscription system. User has a right to access data and use of data which is always updated by MTM according to user's need during subscription period.

Media Information Guide is a special program which is developed by MTM. This program is set up subscriber's computer and via a password, used program updated on internet with a single click in few minutes.

What can be done in Media Information Guide?

    Multi and single filtering,  filtering results recording and particular categories are possible with MBR.

    Delivery lists can be recorded in Press Bulletin Report and transferred to Excel.

    Mass e-mail or fax delivery to requested person or publishing is possible with MBR.

    Sticker can be printed for file delivery to requested person or publishing.