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Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring
Media Monitoring 2021

What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring is a service of recording, sorting, reporting, providing results to related organization and archiving of newspapers, magazines, internet media TV and radio channels' all published/broadcasted news and commercials.

Media monitoring became important necessity, when private publishing started to develop. Rapidly increased number of medias made difficult to monitor all of them. Television and radio channels, magazines and local newspapers became a important opportunity or threat, even though companies and organizations monitored  national newspapers.
Media monitoring is an inseparable part of reputation management...
Besides remarkable increase in media sector, there were significant developments in communication sector as well.  While organizations  started to attach importance to image and commercial activities, international companies entered Turkey market and increased the necessity of professional media monitoring.

Entering this sector in 1999, MTM brought a new impulse to media monitoring understanding. Removing monopolization in this sector, MTM built a strong competitive environment and determined customer satisfaction and innovation as primary principles. MTM became leader and innovative media monitoring company in a short period with presenting standard service presentation, having client oriented system and forming media monitoring service according to organizations' requirements.
Media monitoring needs expert staff and strong background...
Media is the most important field in marketing communication and when it is not controlled, it brings important threats. While news controlled by organizations has positive effect on brand value, uncontrolled news may lead important loss on target market.

Scanning accurately and completely, recording and monitoring systemically of each media, is vital need for organizations for today and their future. Qualified media monitoring service requires sizable investment and expert staffs.

Besides technology, human resources investment is essential for MTM and large number of MTM's media monitoring editors consist of expert personnel who work together since foundation. Expert staff who well aware  importance and value of media monitoring for organizations, have significant role in qualified production.
With easy integration of innovations, exclusive media monitoring automation...
MTM formed all its background with purpose of providing best media monitoring service for customers.
Exclusive media monitoring automation which created in 2003 by MTM and still continues to develop, is one of the most important reasons of success.

Automation which is written and developed by MTM software team, is adaptable of any requirements and change easily. Besides standard service production, MTM is suitable for client oriented service production as well.  

MTM has a media monitoring mindset which is sensitive to new media and new requirements...  Communication and media are the most fast growing and changing sectors in our age. MTM who formed in accordance with dynamic system of this sector, become organized with instant response to clients' needs:

      Internet media monitoring and measurement,
         Monitoring TV and radio news as online/mail/SMS/mobile,
         Simultaneous monitoring of news agencies and early warning services,
         Professional solutions for updating problems in communicators' media list,
      Monitoring and measurement of social media which is popular day by day,
         Particular solutions for organizations

In accordance with sector changing formation, MTM maintains leadership regarding increasing the media measurement  quality. Increasing number of medias lead difficulty to reach  requested information for the organizations meanwhile MTM who filters information and overtime, with divided and qualified information production, ease subscribers business life.
Great power gained in local media with systematic supply network
While regional powers has become effective day by day, local media has a important place on brands' communication plans.

Local media is one of the difficult monitoring field and requires important investments and  by means of MTM, with number of branches and systematic supply network, local media is no longer uncontrolled field. MTM analyzes sectors needs and herewith strengthen media monitoring power, organized to response the requirements in fastest way.

Various alternatives in media monitoring services...
MTM has a broad service alternatives and closely follows media for private companies, public institutions and individuals...

         National Media Monitoring
         Foreign Media Monitoring
         Local Media Monitoring
         Print Media Monitoring
         TV Monitoring
         Radio Monitoring
         Internet Media Monitoring
         News Agencies Monitoring
         TV Advertising Monitoring
         Press Advertising Monitoring
         Promotion Monitoring
         New Advertising Monitoring