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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions
Corporate Solutions 2022

   Corporate Archive

"Corporate Archive" software which is presented in the frame of institutions' special solutions, enables institutions to keep their media archives in their constitution.

Institutions who use this service, update their media reflections and keep them in their archive area via a small software added by MTM. Therefore institutions have a systematic archiving system that they can use for years.

The archive has an important role in increasing efficiency and also provides opportunity with easy and quick filtering for customers.

   Exclusive Interface

"Exclusive Interface" software is developed for institutions which prefer to see their media monitoring services in a suitable interface for their corporate identity. Also this software includes redesigning of standard service presentation accordingly institution's demand.

  Intranet Solutions

A specially developed software to present institutions' media reflections in their intranets.

   Mobile Solutions

The software which provides access to media reflections with mobile applications, is specially designed and implemented for the institutions.