Internet Media Monitoring
Internet Media Monitoring 2024

Internet Media Monitoring

Internet  is one of the greatest impactful media type in the world and about to catch conventional media place and indeed it is the most difficult communication field to track for the companies.

With MTM's professional software and monitoring service, internet is brought under control.

Instantly be informed about your published news on news sites!

MTM is the first media monitoring company regarding internet media measurement and with its expert staff and special software bring new perspective on digital media monitoring. MTM maintains its difference with new developed solutions for internet monitoring and filters qualified subjects for institutions among millions of messages and increasing number of broadcast/publishing day by day that reach consumers.

       Instant access to last minute developments with simultaneous e-mail delivery service,

       Time saving Daily News Summary Service with qualified content, 

       Instant access to selected and qualified information with optical scanning, editorial support and quality control unit,

       Activating the early warning system for news which carry probable crisis, helps institutions to manage crisis easier.

       Exclusive presentation alternatives for organizations,

       Corporate Archive service,

       Online analysis.

Time saving solutions with selected and qualified information...
MTM optically scans news web sites which are in monitoring list, transmits to the system. Transmitted news are controlled, classified by editors, then presented to customer.

       Editors and quality control unit controls each news and eliminate news which are unrelated to subject brand. By this way, customer only reach related and requested news

       News transmitted to the system are send according to determined periods by customers.

       Thanks to constantly updated service presentation subscriber can instantly reach each recorded news/articles online.

       User can easily and anytime access to MTM's media monitoring service, independent from time and place.

Exclusive presentation alternatives according to customers' demand...
Determining user-friendly services as one of main principles,  MTM Internet Monitoring Service presents various alternatives;

  Online Presentation
Fast and easy access to all your reflections anytime and from anywhere in the world.

  Daily News Summary Bulletin
News and comments on e-press regarding brand and its competitors are classified according to their subjects, summarized and then editors create a short report. This report is serviced to customers every morning at 08:00. Therefore customer do not lose time in reading same news and has chance to control all press reflections quickly.

  Daily News Service (Mailing)
All news and articles regarding brand and its competitors on e-press are listed accordingly brand selection and delivered to customer on demanded period.

All related reflections that customer get service, loaded to MTM's intranet every morning. Company can edit these news and put them into service.

  Archive CD
TV reflections are delivered to customer's address on CD format with special software of MTM.