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News Agencies Monitoring

News Agencies Monitoring
News Agencies Monitoring 2022

News agencies service approximately 4.800 news per day. These news are published or broadcasted on thousands of news web sites, newspapers, TV and radio channels. Broadcasted/published news on traditional media, spread to lots of social networks in a short time.

The way of creating opportunity from threat is through information...
Do they mention about your brand or competitiors on these news? Is the information correct on distributed news regarding your brand? Or news need correction before distribution?  How long do you get informed about  published news regarding you in news agencies?

Learn the news about you before published! And take your measures...
MTM detects and scans all news published in news agencies regarding your brand or competitors when distribution starts. Before covered by the media, instantly informs you about these news before appeared on media via e-mail and SMS.

Monitoring experts foresee the threat for customers...
When presenting the monitoring results of new agencies, MTM offers the best alternative for each customer. These main alternatives are;

  E-Mail: All published news in news agencies related your brand and competitors are instantly delivered to subscriber via e-mail.

  Online Presentation: Fast and easy access to all news anytime and from anywhere in the world.