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Press Advertising Monitoring

Press Advertising Monitoring
Press Advertising Monitoring 2022

MTM reports all advertisements published on national/regional newspapers and over 600 magazines published various periods. These advertisements are divided into sectors, brands and publishing information and then they are reported for customers.

Customers can access to all sectors and brands' advertisement data and also can prefer to take only their brand or competitors' reports.

Press advertising reports include;

       Information of advertiser company / brand / product,

       Advertiser company's activity area and sub sector,

       Advertisement size (stxcm),

       Advertisement is broadcasted on right time or not,

       Competitors' advertisement campaigns,

       Advertisement distribution to sectors,

       Distribution of advertisements to brands and companies,

       The most preferred newspapers by advertisers,

       The most preferred magazines by advertisers,

       Distribution of advertisement according to magazine content,

      Advertiser's newspaper-magazine preference analysis according to sectors.