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Press Room

Press Room
Press Room 2022

It is accepted that how good institutions have reflections in media is one of power indicator. On the other hand, delivering successful media reflections to as many people as possible is one of the main goal.

Therefore, lots of institutions place "Press Room", "Us On Press", "Our Media Reflections" etc. areas on their web page and share their news with visitors/customers.

However within this period, some problems occur because of update difficulty. After a while, updating of these areas become impossible and this is a common problem. When new news is not added to the web site, institution's target "strong institution" image becomes weak and this image creates negative perception on customers...

Share your media coverage which will affect your target audience positively with a single click...

MTM solves updating problem completely with its professional service. PRESS ROOM service is created in order to respond regular sharing of media coverage demand on their web page.

Thanks to PRESS ROOM service, institutions' newspaper, magazine, TV/radio channels and news portal news are updated automatically on their web site.

Press Room service works on two different publishing option;

    Simultaneous Automatic Publishing: Every news (without election) published in media regarding institution and brands are published on subscriber web page simultaneously.

    Selective News Publishing: In this option, institutions mark news which they would like to publish on their web site and transmit those news to the web site with a single click. Selective News Publishing provides a control mechanism for institutions which have possibility to find negative news about them.

PRESS ROOM service provides unique design opportunity proper to your corporate identity...