Radio Monitoring
Radio Monitoring 2024

Radio Monitoring

Radio has an important place in brands' communication activities and at the same time it is one of the most difficult to control media for the institutions.

With inspecting radios, MTM makes possible to monitor radio broadcast for institutions. With radio monitoring;

       Instant access to news with simultaneous e-mail delivery,

       Time saving Daily News Summary Service with qualified content,

       Informing customers faster than their reflections in case of crisis,

       Exclusive presentation alternatives for institutions

       Corporate Archive Service

       Online analysis

Outgoing news and comments effect your institution's future...

MTM records the most listened radio channels in Turkey on 7/24 basis and with scanning each broadcasts, reports related news and comments. Reported news/comments, broadcast information and sound recordings are transmitted to the system and presented to customer.

       All radio channels in MTM's monitoring list are reported 120 minutes back and presented to subscribers.

       Newscast is presented with broadcast information.

       News transmitted to the system are send according to determined periods by customers.

       Each recorded news is presented to subscriber simultaneously.

       User can easily access to MTM's media monitoring service, independent from time and place.