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Sectoral Agenda Report

Sectoral Agenda Report
Sectoral Agenda Report 2022

Every day via media millions of messages have been spreading. Some of these messages have great importance for your institution and some of not. Choosing the right and important news among millions of news is one of MTM's duty. MTM expert staff prepares exclusive sectoral agenda reports and presents you every morning. 

By subscribing "sector agenda" bulletin, you can track the sector and also go one step further than your competitors. These are the main topics in sectoral reports;

    Brands' strategic statements

    New partnerships,

    New market search

    Decision to enter a new market

    Finishing cooperation

    Announcement of new product/service

    New campaigns

    Changes/innovations on products

    Opening of new shop/office/branch

    Receiving reward of a brand

    New sponsorship agreements

    Starting of new corporate social responsibility project

    Important developments on social responsibility or sponsorship agreements

    Launching new advertising campaign by brand

    Image/message changes of brand

    Profit/loss statements of institution etc.

Reporting all developments which can play important role in strategic decision making, MTM delivers these summary reports to its customer as e-bulletin.