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MTM Media Monitoring Center, operating in the media monitoring and measurement filed, is founded in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey. MTM, determining speed and technology as its part of corporate structure, defines one of main aims as to be the source of selected, measured, analyzed information.

Without making concession from its principle to serve “always better quality”, MTM sets off the qualified competitive perception by keeping the sector’s bar high.

Starting with "path to success is measurement"  vision, MTM's mission is, "With producing the best media monitoring and measurement services,  MTM contributes sector's growth".

 Customer satisfaction is our main primary goal
 Competitive and innovativeness approach continuity 
 Raising and protecting social responsibility and environmental consciousness are our essentials.

Besides media monitoring and measurement services, MTM is one of the leading company of the sector with its supporting services that makes easier and effective  for communicators media works. 

With its measurements, reports and services, MTM contributes in receiving more successful and effective results in media activities. Some of them are;
 Access to more media and publishing, 
 Rapid and accurate inspection power of reflections on media,
 With accurate analyzing competitor reflections, MTM enables to develop more effective strategies, 
 More accurate media relationships with up-to-date information,
 Perspective of better understanding media and better interpretation